Do Lockdowns cause relationships to End

Do the COVID lockdowns cause relationship issues?

There has been a lot said about lockdowns causing relationships to end, but how accurate are these stories.

Do news reports only report on negative issues, and not the positives?

A survey by the UK charity Relate in July 2020 found that 43% said lockdown had brought them closer together.

Only 8% of people said lockdown had made them realise they needed to end their relationship.

Many of these people already knew that they had issues, but the lockdown just brought it more into the open, due to more time so close together.

The charity has said that lockdowns can create a “make or break” environment, with people having relationship “realisations“, both good and bad.

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A survey in April, also in the UK, found that nearly a quarter of people felt lockdown had placed additional pressure on their relationship, with many who found their partner more irritating.

More women felt this issue than men, I wonder why..

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