Foreign Ownership of Residential land in Australia

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Foreign Ownership of Housing in Australia.

Much has been said about Foreign Ownership of Land in Australia, with 80% of people appearing to be concerned about this.

A Register of Foreign Ownership report has recently shown that only 13% of Australian Agricultural land is foreign owned, but there appears to be no report showing ownership of Mining Land, Residential land, Industrial land etc.

A 2013 report by a KPMG/Sydney Uni study unit, stated that Chinese investors have invested just 3% of their total Investment in Australia on agricultural land. This leaves 97% on other investments.

A recent residential property report has stated that over 20% of residential property in Australia is sold to foreign investors.

Another Report has stated that Mining Concerns are 80% foreign owned and Agricultural land is 13% foreign owned.

A full Government Official Register for all land ownership would be very handy to verify all these claims, and settle any misunderstanding that there might be.

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