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This new trend in Ultra Quiet advertising on TV in Australia…

Have you seen these new quiet adverts by Rivers and now by Honda ?

Rivers began a few months ago with very quiet and polite advertising, and now Honda have started their quiet adverts too.

What do you think about it ?

I think it is a very pleasant change from the LOUD aggravating adverts by some companies that I will not name.

My reaction to the LOUD companies is to try to avoid them, but I have found myself going into Rivers, if only to thank them for bringing down the noise levels on TV, and because their prices are really good 🙂

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Honda ? Well, I have thought about going into one of their Salesrooms, but there is a slight difference in buying socks for $1 in Rivers to the price of a car at Honda, so I may not be as much of a customer 🙂

But my thank you to them both, a bit of free advertising for them:

Now, if Honda wish to thank me, by letting me test out one of their cars for a year or two, I would not say no 😉

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