Australian Visa Processing time 15-19

What Does Processing time of 15-19 mean for Australian Visas?.

Some people think it means their visa will take between 15 and 19 months, but that is not correct.

In the 2019-2020 year, the statistics for the subclass 309 offshore partner visa showed a processing time of 15-19, ie: 75% at the 15 month mark and 90% at the 19 month mark.

But, the average time was 11 months, ie: half of these visas actually took less than 11 months.
The fastest 25% took less than 9 months.

From a total of 11,702 subclass 309 visas that were granted during 2019-20, the average time processing time was actually 11 months. ie: half took under 11 months, and half took over 11 months.

The actual processing times, broken down even further, were:

  • 25% took under 9 months.
  • 25% took between 9 and 11 months.
  • 25% took between 11 and 15 months.
  • 15% took between 15 and 19 months.
  • 10% took over 19 months.

Those figures are the breakdowns for the processing time: 15-19, with 75% being under 15 months, and 90% being under 19 months.

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1519 really means that 25% of the total will take longer than 15 months, the other 75% are faster than 15 months.  But 10% took over 19 months.

The figures bears no relation to the average, which in this case was 11 months.

Source: Department of Home Affairs FOI request FA 20/08/00333

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