Australians enjoying WA Rock Lobster

Many Australians are enjoying cheaper WA Rock Lobster this year, following the Chinese ban on imports.

Western Australian Rock Lobster had become very popular to the Chinese, but now many local people are buying them for the first time, at a very affordable price.

The decision to sell tonnes of Western Rock Lobster through Coles and Woolworths supermarkets across Australia, has created 200 extra jobs in Geraldton, WA.

The problem is…  The supermarkets are selling out very fast after each delivery.

A message to Western Australia…   Please send out more Lobster to our supermarkets…


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Is a Rock Lobster a Lobster or a Crayfish?

The answer,  plus more at The WA Rock Lobster.


Why did China ban imports of WA Rock Lobster?

Was it anything to do with the Lobster itself or just political, due to Australia wanting to locate the first COVID source, to speed up getting a vaccine, but China taking offence at that request.


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