Australia’s Mandatory Immigration Detention Policy

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The Mandatory Immigration Detention Policy in Australia.

Under this policy it is a requirement that ??unlawful non-citizens’ (a national from another country without a valid visa) in Australia’s migration zone are detained unless they have been afforded temporary lawful status through the grant of a bridging visa while they make arrangements to depart or apply for an alternative visa.

Most are usually granted temporary lawful status in this manner, but if an unlawful non-citizen is considered to be a flight or security risk, or refuses to leave Australia voluntarily, they may be refused a bridging visa and detained in preparation for their removal.

When was mandatory detention introduced?.

It was in 1992 that the policy of mandatory detention was introduced by the Labor Party (1983-1996) under Paul Keating (with bipartisan support) through the enactment of the Migration Amendment Act 1992

Why was mandatory detention introduced?.

Mandatory detention was initially envisaged as a temporary and ??exceptional’ measure to deal with a particular cohort of ??designated persons’ ??Indochinese unauthorised boat arrivals.

Immigration detention in Australia.


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