Best Priced Butchers in Melbourne

Price of meat at the Supermarkets is often pretty high, so how do these prices at the meat market compare ?

$4.99 kg – Regular Beef Mince
$9.99 kg – Full Yearling Rump
$5.99 kg – Full Yearling Round
$9.99 kg – Porterhouse Steak

One of the main Supermarkets was quoting the following prices at the same time:

$12.00 Rump Steak Budget
$28.00 kg Quality Rump Steak
$17.00 kg Round Steak
$ 7.19 kg Mince Beef Regular
$ 9.44 kg Mince Beef Premium
$18.99 kg Porterhouse Steak Budget

Try these for better prices, and often better quality…

Bob Pettigrew Meats
Shop 39, Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne, 3000
Telephone – 03 9329 0746

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The Big Butcher
2 Lipton Drive, Thomastown, 3074
Telephone – 03 9460 3133

The Meat Hall, at Queen Victoria Market, houses about 20 butchers, 10 fishmongers and 3 fresh poultry traders.

If you are in Melbourne, and haven’t tried them, you are missing something.

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