Bill Shorten wins the ALP leadership with 40% to 60% members vote.

Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese finalised their Australian Labor Party [ALP] leadership campaign on the 13th of October 2013, with a membership ballot taken from 30,426 members, who decisively voted for Anthony Albanese.

With 40% of the ALP members vote, Bill Shorten was elected the leader of the Australian Labor Party, beating Anthony Albanese with 60% of the ALP embers vote

How can someone win with a smaller vote than the loser ?

The Party Caucus decided a different result, with Bill Shorten gaining 63.9% of their vote compared to 34.1% for Anthony Albanese.

Caucus vote: 86 members

55 votes Bill Shorten
31 Votes Anthony Albanese

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ALP Party Membership vote: 30,426 members

12,196 Bill Shorten
18,230 Anthony Albanese

ALP Democracy at work.


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