Can a PR Visa be Cancelled after Grant?

Can a Permanent Resident Visa be Cancelled after being Granted?.

It is commonly thought that once you have got the Permanent Resident Visa, you are able to remain a Permanent Resident with no further issues.

However, for some people, that may not apply.  PR can be cancelled in some circumstances, even many years after being approved.

Some people worry that a Divorce, after getting PR, might affect your Permanent Resident status, but are told that it does not affect that PR status.  In general that is correct, as you are a Permanent Resident in your own right, after you get the PR grant, and your relationships are now of no concern to immigration, from the date of that PR grant.

However, if the ‘split up’ was before your PR was granted, and you had not notified Immigration, as required, then your PR grant might have been incorrectly granted.

It is a requirement for visa applicants to notify immigration of any relationship break up during the visa application process. Not doing so could be construed as Immigration Fraud.

Visa Fraud can cause PR cancellations.

In the last two years, 2017/18 and 2018/19, 519 Australian Partner Visas have been cancelled for various reasons, including visa fraud, basically covering non disclosure of events pertaining to the visa.

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Criminal activities can cause PR cancellations.

Criminal activities can also cause a Permanent Visa to be cancelled, again even many years after it was granted.

Visa Fraud can cause Citizenship cancellations.

Even Citizenship can be cancelled, many years after it being granted, due to falsification of a previous Visa application.

In 2018, a 51 year old had his Australian citizenship, which he had obtained 18 years before, revoked, due to inconsistencies with his previous applications.

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