Character Check for Sponsor of Partner Visa Applicant

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Character Check for the Sponsor of a Partner Visa Applicant.

The Australian Government introduced a requirement for all sponsors of Partner Visa applications to undergo a character check, for all applications received on or after 18th November 2016. This applies for all sub-classes 300, 309/100 or 820/801.

These character checks include both Australian and/or foreign police checks.

There are instances where the result of these character checks will be notified to the Applicant themselves when considered appropriate.

The relevant date for this change was the date of the Partner Application, not the date of the sponsor application.


Specific wording from:

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Partner and Prospective Marriage visas.

From 18 November 2016, sponsors of these visa applications will need to:

provide Australian and/or foreign police checks when requested
consent to us disclosing their convictions for relevant offences to the visa applicant(s).

If the sponsor does not provide this consent, the visa application will be refused.
The changes do not affect visa applications lodged before 18 November 2016, even if your sponsor lodges their sponsorship form on or after 18 November.

Approval of Sponsor before Partner Visa Application.

There is a proposal to ensure that the Sponsor is Approved before an applicant can submit their Partner Visa Application.  This has not yet passed Parliament approval.  This may be reviewed again in Mid 2018.

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