Coronavirus Testing in Australia

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There have been at least 113,615 tests for the COVID-19 coronavirus carried out in Australia up to the 20th Mar 2020.

Only people who have recently travelled from overseas or have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case and experienced symptoms within 14 days are normally tested.

The numbers of tests in each State are shown as:

39,089 New South Wales
27,000 Queensland
19,337 Victoria
16,717 South Australia
8,603 Western Australia
807 Tasmania

The Australian Capital Territory has had 2,062 tests.


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Not everybody, with what appear to be the right symptoms, are being tested. Some are advised by local GP’s to just stay home.

The number of tests carried out in Australia works out at about 4,500 per million population.

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  2. 24th April 2020.

    Australian Capital Territory has carried out 7,367 tests, with 1.40% being positive, resulting in 104 confirmed cases, of which 1 are currently in hospital.

    New South Wales has carried out 181,064 tests, with 1.60% being positive, resulting in 2,982 confirmed cases, of which 47 are currently in hospital.

    Northern Territory has carried out 4,045 tests, with 0.70% being positive, resulting in 27 confirmed cases, of which 13 are currently in hospital.

    Queensland has carried out 92,699 tests, with 1.10% being positive, resulting in 1,026 confirmed cases, of which 20 are currently in hospital.

    South Australia has carried out 48,727 tests, with 0.90% being positive, resulting in 438 confirmed cases, of which 4 are currently in hospital.

    Tasmania has carried out 7,607 tests, with 2.70% being positive, resulting in 207 confirmed cases, of which 16 are currently in hospital.

    Victoria has carried out 93,000 tests, with 1.40% being positive, resulting in 1,337 confirmed cases, of which 27 are currently in hospital.

    Western Australia has carried out 32,150 tests, with 1.70% being positive, resulting in 546 confirmed cases, of which 24 are currently in hospital.

  3. As at 24 April 2020, Australia is reported to have done about 480,000 COVID-19 Tests.

    As a comparison to other major countries, the tests per million population, as at 24 April 2020, are:

    22,446 New Zealand (110,000 total tests)
    18,799 Australia (480,000 total tests)
    16,822 Canada (635,000 total tests)
    14,428 USA (4,775,000 total tests)
    8,595 UK (585,000 total tests)

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