Cost of a Leg of Lamb

How much is the real cost of the meat on a Leg of lamb?.

A 2.6kg Leg of Lamb bought for Australia Day 2016 at $8.99 per kg

The bone, after removing all the meat was 400 grams, therefore that means there was 2.2 kg of meat left after removing the bone.

The original 2.6 kg leg cost $23.37 (at $8.99 per kg)

That $23.37 cost divided by the actual meat content of 2.2 kg works out at $10.62 per kg for just the meat.

That is almost 20% higher than the base price.

If that ratio of meat to bone was consistent, the easy way to check the real cost is to add 20% on to the advertised price.

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$ 9.00 per kg = nearly $10.80 per kg of meat. ($9.00 + .90 + .90)

$12.00 per kg = nearly $14.40 per kg of meat. ($12.00 + 1.20 + 1.20)

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