Cost to Become a Dentist in Australia

How much does it Cost to Become a Dentist in Australia.

Becoming a Dentist is expensive, but future wages are often expected to be high too, so it might be worth it.

It appears that there are two main ways to become a Dentist in Australia; one being direct from school, with a very high Year 12 exam result, and the other after graduating from a period of university study.

Direct from Year 12 School:

Available to those with ATAR of 99 or better, OP 1, or equivalent Year 12 State Grades.

Some universities offer a 5 year undergraduate degree, while some offer a 5 year program that is made up of a 3 year undergraduate degree plus a 2 year post graduate course.

Graduate entry:

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In Australia the dentistry degree is generally 4 years when you enter as a university graduate. A university graduate will usually have taken 3 years to get that degree, so this pathway takes at least 7 years.

The information shown below is taken from the University of Sydney Doctor of Dental Medicine Course, as given to show an example of possible costs.

Doctor of Dental Medicine Course costs in 2018:.

Current cost for Year 1 of full-time study of 48 credit points (1.0 EFTSL).

Commonwealth Supported students:
Student Contribution Amount (SCA) for year 1: $10,754 (indicative only)

Domestic Students
Tuition Fee for Year 1: $64,500 (indicative only)

International Students
Tuition Fee for International Students Year 1: $76,000 (indicative only

Additional costs associated with your degree may cover resources such as materials, equipment and uniforms, and can total about $10,000 over a 4 year course.

Duration full time: 4 years full time for Domestic and International students

Estimate Total cost for a full 4 year Doctor of Dental Medicine course is therefore in the region of:

Annual increases will cause those figures to rise, The total is an estimation at todays rates.

The direct from school route appears to be an extra year, so maybe about 25% higher than the above totals.

The graduate entry route does not include the 3 years university cost before the Doctor of Dental Medicine course.


NOTE: These are all estimations. Ensure you check ACCURATE costs with the University of your Choice.

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