Dick Smith bought by Kogan

Dick Smith Online Business bought by Kogan.

A deal between Ruslan Kogan and the receivers Ferrier Hodgson, gives Kogan the Dick Smith brand and trademarks, its online business and customer databases and websites. But the stores still close.

Kogan will take over the running of the online business from 1 June 2016. All Dick Smith customers will be contacted with the option of having their details removed prior to the transfer to new owners.

Kogan intends to run the Dick Smith online business separately to Kogan.com, but using an increased buying power from the the companies will be able to negotiate better prices from suppliers to be able to offer cheaper prices to customers.

Dick Smith said that he was ‘very happy’ that the Kogan company has taken over his old electronics store.

Speaking about Ruslan Kogan (The owner of Kogan), Dick Smith said “I’m very happy. I don’t know him but I understand he’s very ethical and I think his formula is good”.


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