Dogs and Cats in Australia

Most Councils have regulations on how many Dogs or Cats an individual household is allowed to have on their property.

A common number is TWO Dogs per household, but there are variations on this depending on the property location or size.

For example, the Gold Coast Council allows only 1 dog on properties that are under 600 sq metres, but the Logan Council has a 499 sq metres limit for one dog.

If you are planning on more than one dog, it is VITAL that you check the rules with the local council.

This link is to a PDF document relating to the Logan Council Dog and Cat rules, as a general example:

DOGS in Australia.

All Dogs need to be registered in Australia, and fees are charged for this.

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Again, there are different rules for each council, but one common term does crop up, which causes some confusion. A higher registration fee is charged for a “whole” dog.

A simple explanation can be understood from this example;

City of Perth Dog Registration fees 2009

  • $ 75.00 Unsterilised Dog (3 year Fee)
  • $ 18.00 Sterilised Dog (3 year Fee)

CATS in Australia.

Not all Councils require that Cats are registered, but this is something that appears to be on the increase.

An example of this can be seen at:

Here it can be seen that under Queensland State regulations, all cats over 12 weeks old are now required to be registered with the Council. After the 30th September 2009, fines will be issued for non compliance.

The registration fees for this council are:

  • $30.00 Entire Cats
  • $15.00 Desexed Cats

Also, cats and dogs born before 1 July 2009 do not need to be microchipped, but those born after that date will need to be microchipped.

Registration Fees

Each council can set its own registration fees, and these can vary enormously.

For example, comparing an Unsterilised Dog:

  • Redland Council: $90.30 for 1 year.
  • Perth City Council: $75.00 for 3 years.

More information on “Bringing your Pet to Australia” at:

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