Drink Driving in Australia 2009

Drink Driving in Australia

A report issued in October 2009 stated annual figures for Australia of:

  • 12,399,027 Breath Tests carried out in the last year
  • 111,045 people charged with drink driving in that year

This shows that almost 9 in every 1,000 drivers last year were over the drinking limit.

Drink Driving in Queensland

At Easter 2009, Queensland State Traffic Support Branch Superintendent Col Campbell said that out of 52,128 random breath tests, 225 people were caught drink-driving in the first 48 hours of the Easter break.
This shows that almost 4.3 in every 1,000 drivers last year were over the drinking limit.

Drink Driving in New South Wales

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In NSW, about 3.4 million breath tests were carried out last year, and the percentage of all fatal crashes, involving alcohol, has dropped from 40% in 1982 to the current 19%.
Random breath testing was introduced in 1982.

Legal Blood Alcohol Limit in Australia

The Legal Limit For Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) For Driving in Australia is calculated in Milligrams Of Alcohol Per 100 Millilitres Of Blood.

In most States learners must have a zero blood alcohol level, whilst normal car drivers are allowed up 0.05. This figure was 0.08 in the 1980’s (the same as the current UK figure).

Random Drug Testing

I have just read that in early 2008, random roadside drug testing was being carried out in nearly all jurisdictions in Australia except the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory (NT).
I assume the ACT is excluded from Random Drug Tests due to having lots of Politicians in the area.

The source of this was www.deewr.gov.au

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