Facebook Blocks Australian Government Websites

Todays news reports are saying that Facebook is now banning Australians from sharing news stories on its Facebook site in response to being asked to share the cost of producing these news articles.

Australian users and publishers will be restricted from sharing or viewing domestic and international news.

Overseas users also will be unable to access Australian news content.

TV reports are saying that Australians are no longer able to access government information, especially on COVID etc.

However, that only applies for those who use Facebook to access information.

While Facebook have decided to block people from using Facebook as a source of access, it must be emphasised that if people go direct to government websites, there will not be a problem accessing the information.

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For example:

www.australia.gov.au will give the latest official coronavirus news, updates and advice from the Australian Government.

https://info.australia.gov.au puts you on the right path to find the information you need by linking to information and services on many Australian government websites as well as selected state and territory resources.

http://www.bom.gov.au will give weather information in Australia.

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