Federal Election 2010

Will the election be called today, will the next Election be August 21st ?

The news media are hovering everywhere today, at Julia Gillards house, as she left to go to the airport, they were also at the airport waiting for her plane to touch down at 8:44, they are camped out at Government House, and Parliament House, just waiting for anything to happen.. How exciting it is today….. (OK.. I never was that good at sarcasm)

We will all know when it is announced, but I will add any titbits here as I come across them 🙂

And then I will also add the serious stuff later.

But remember three things about this election…

It is NOT about the colour of Julia Gillards hair

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It is NOT about Tony Abbots swimwear choice

It IS about what is best for the Australian people !!

It is down to the intelligence of the voting public to choose what happens next.

Julia Gillard – Moving Forward

And for a spot of Humour, from www.getup.org.au
This clip includes scenes from The Matrix, Collateral, James Bond: Casino Royale, Max Payne, Face Off, The Fifth Element and Die Hard 4, but with new faces…

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