Fetch TV: Free Kids Pack in January 2019

Fetch TV,  Kids Pack Free in January 2019

Fetch TV are giving their subscribers one of the $6 per month channel packs FREE for January  2019.

The Channels included in the FREE Kids pack include: Disney Channel, Nick Jr., Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Cbeebies, Boomerang, ZooMoo and BabyTV.

This is done to allow people to trial the channel before subscribing.

These promotions do work for some people,  myself included.  After getting one of the channels free for a month,  I just had to subscribe.

I do like the fact that Fetch TV do NOT make you sign up first.  They give you the month free,  but you must choose to sign up of you want to continue.

Kids$6 Fetch TV pack.
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