Fined for no water for windscreen wipers.

$114 fine for no water for windscreen wipers.

In NSW the police can fine a driver for not having any water in the wipers reservoir. The penalty is a $114 fine but no demerit points.

The Roads Transport Act states that a wiper must be able to remove any obstructing view for the driver. Water is considered a requirement for this action.

In a recent incident, a woman was shocked to learn she had been breaking the law after police stopped her and told her about this road rule.

The Sydney driver shared the story on Facebook to say that she was nearly slapped with that $114 fine after police busted her without any windscreen wiper fluid.

This appears to be a not very common offence to be fined for.


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Why did the Police check that?

The police had actually caught the driver flashing the cars headlights at other cars, to alert other drivers to the presence of police in that location.

That alone is an offence and carries a $110 fine and one demerit point.

Do that, and they appear to have every right to check you, and your car, very thoroughly.

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