Flights from Australia to..

Flight fares from Australia.

So many people have told me that Australia is too far from anywhere, and that flights are so expensive, but I feel that they overstate the facts.

Most of these people are from the UK and are probably comparing against their previous holiday destinations of Spain, Greece, Turkey etc.

They do need to realise at some stage that they now live on another continent, and should look locally at the options available here.

Let’s compare some distances and flight times:

London to Majorca: About 2.25 hrs. (Lowest three today: 2h 10m, 2h 20m, 2h 25m) £225
London to Kos (Greek Island): About 4 hours. (Lowest three today: 3h 45m, 4h 0m, 4h 5m) £436
London to Turkey: About 6 hours. (Lowest three today: 5h 55m, 6h 0m, 6h 15m) £611

Assuming that people have visited all the different options inside Australia, like the British would have traveled their own country in their early years, it would be time to look at local overseas destinations.

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Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand: 3 hours, 11 minutes (A$420 mid summer)
Sydney to Noumea, New Caledonia: 2 hours, 57 minutes (A$913 mid summer)
Perth to Bali, Indonesia: 3 hours, 44 minutes (A$460 mid summer)

To compare costs against MEDIAN incomes:

  • In May 2012 the Median weekly total cash earnings for all Australian ADULT full-time employees was $1,261.
  • In April 2012 median gross weekly earnings for UK full-time employees was £546

To work the costs out as the “number of hours worked” to earn the fare:

London to Turkey at £611 is 27 hours work.
Sydney to New Caledonia at A$913 is 42 hours work.

London to Majorca at £225 is 12 hours work
Sydney to New Zealand at $420 is 15 hours work

Figures assume 38 hours per week for both countries.

It isn’t as bad as some people feel it is.

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