Fog Lights or Driving Lights

What is the difference between Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights ?

That question is on the minds of a few people in Queensland, now that it is illegal to drive with Fog Lights on, when there is no fog. There is a $40 fine for doing so.

According to the NRMA, many people confuse these two.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights are bright, forward-facing white lights used to improve the forward visibility of vehicles in the daytime, and are nornally activated automatically whilst the engine is operating.

Fog lights

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Fog Lights are either Yellow or White for the front, and Red for the rear, are designed to improve visibility during fog and other weather conditions when visibility is reduced.

Australian Road Rules state that Fog lamps are not to be used at any time, other than when neccessary.


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