Frontline Plus for Small Dogs up to 10kg Orange

We have a dog, a small one, and we needed to check out the prices of a tick and flee prevention, so I spent a while checking out the on-line options of some prices.

What I have found for the 6 pack Frontline Plus for Small Dogs, up to 10kg, Orange pack was:

$56.25 **

All prices quoted INCLUDE the standard delivery charge where applicable. Some suppliers provide FREE delivery for orders exceeding those prices, and that was not counted, but if two packs were purchased, then the cheapest one shown above, may not still be the cheapest.

I did just check the price for two packs, as I may buy 2 anyway, and here is the revised list:

$127.25 ( $63.63each)
$124.93 ( $62.47each)
$118.45 ( $59.23each)
$117.85 ( $58.93each)
$113.44 ( $56.72each)
$112.10 ( $56.05each)
$107.00 ( $53.50each) **
$102.00 ( $51.00 each)

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But now I wonder about the larger pack, the 12 pack. But not everywhere appears to sell this one. I did find it at:

$ 99.00

The bottom line is now $99 with free delivery for a pack of 12, or $8.25 per month. (Based on 1 per month)

This was of course, just on one specific day, and prices may change, but it gives an idea of prices.

Prices for local shops are not included above, but it is worth checking them, for example:

The 3 pack Frontline Plus for Small Dogs, up to 10kg:

A visit to Big W tomorrow ?

** Where marked, please check carefully for other customers comments.

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