Heat Pumps for Hot water

We had a heat pump installed for our hot water supply last year, and we have now been able to compare a same quarter electricity use reading, with and without, and we are pleased with the result.

Our last four February ended quarters work out at:
Feb-07 8.41 kWhs per day
Feb-08 10.18 kWhs per day
Feb-09 12.48 kWhs per day
Feb-10 5.88 kWhs per day

The quarterly saving in 2010 compared to 2009 works out at 640kWh at $0.11319 equalling $72.49 SAVING for the quarter.

The May quarter seems very similar, with these usages:
May-07 10.94
May-08 12.12
May-09 7.00
A saving of 637kWh equalling about $72 saving.

If this stays the same, we are looking at a saving of $280 per year on our hot water heating costs, following the installation of the Heat Pump system.

My heat pump system cost $2,748 before rebates, for the Quantum Heat Pump 270 litre.

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