Holiday Inn COVID-19 cluster in Melbourne

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The Holiday Inn cluster in Melbourne.

14th February 2021.

There are now 16 people in the COVID-19 cluster from the quarantine facility at the Holiday Inn hotel in Melbourne, Victoria.

The virus outbreak at this quarantine facility involves the highly virulent UK strain of the COVID-19 virus.

There are now 21 active cases in Victoria, including the 16 mentioned above. There are also 940 primary close contacts linked to this outbreak.

Victoria in Lockdown, February 2021.

Stage 4 restrictions are now in place across all of Victoria from 11:59pm Friday until 11:59pm on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Stage 4 lockdown restrictions permit only four main reasons to leave the home:

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  • shopping for essential supplies.
  • care and caregiving.
  • exercise.
  • essential work.

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