How Long Can an Australian Citizen Stay Out of Australia?

Does an Australian Citizen need a visa?

I was recently asked why an Australian citizen needed a visa to return to Australia.

That question threw me totally, as an Australian citizen does not need a visa.

But that person had read on the internet that they did. I found it hard to believe until he gave me the link.

This is the screenshot..
Australian Citizen and RRV

The website that has published that information has confused themselves. An RRV is only needed by a Permanent Resident visa holder.

An Australian citizen can return to Australia at any time they wish, normally with only their passport. It is also possible for a citizen to arrive home even without a passport, but not as easily as with a passport.

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Always check everything you read on websites, even those that look genuine and knowledgeable.

The one that shows that incorrect information (shown above) looks like a good one about Australian Citizenship tests. However, incorrect information is worrying.

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