How Long Does it take to get the 801 visa after the 820.

Processing for the subclass 801 visa normally starts 24 months after the date that the subclass 820 was applied for.

Some people think it is 24 months after the 820 is granted, but it is from the original 820 “application” date.

Processing times for the 801 vary, with the latest times being quoted as…. 13-25. (This was for grants in July 2020.)

This means that 75% were finalised in under 13 months, some being much faster at just 2 or 3 months. Unfortunately, some are a lot slower with 10% of the last reported 801 grants taking over 25 months.

One month earlier, in June 2020, 75% were finalised in under 7 months,

From Partner Onshore Permanent visa (subclass 801) Processing Times in 2020.

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Jul 2020: 13-25 = 75% took up to 13 months. 10% took over 25 months.
Jun 2020: 7-17 = 75% took up to 7 months. 10% took over 17 months

August 2020 might now be 11-22 = 75% took up to 11 months. 10% took over 22 months.

However, although these are the latest times shown at 4 October 2020, it does say “Last updated: 19 August 2020 (for month ending July 2020)”.
The figures shown at 19 August 2020, when it changed for July, were 13-25.

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