How to Apply for Australian Passport

Applying for an Australian Passport.

This a a basis 7-step guide to applying for your first Australian passport.

1: Gather original documents.

2: Ask someone to be your referee or guarantor.

3: Complete your application.

4: Print your application.

5: Get passport photos.

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6: Lodge your application and pay the fee.

7: You will be advised when your passport is ready.

These steps are fully detailed at

You will generally need:

  • your full birth certificate.
  • evidence that you’re an Australian citizen.
  • identity documents with your photo, signature and current address.
  • documents that prove any change of name or change of gender.

You will need to bring the originals of these documents when you lodge your application. They will be looked at and given back to you immediately.

You will need a referee or guarantor, who must be an adult Australian citizen who has known you for more than a year, and is not related to you and does not live at the same address as you.

More than 70 per cent of passport applicants use the online passport service.

Most of the others will get a blank application form at a participating Australia Post outlet.

You can get passport-quality photographs on-the-spot at participating Post Offices.

How to apply for a new Australian passport at Australia Post.

  1. Complete the online form or
    collect a paper copy from a participating Post Office.
  2. Get a passport photo taken.
  3. Lodge and pay for your passport application at a participating Post Office.
  4. You should allow up to 6 weeks to receive your passport. The Australian Passport Office will email you when they despatch your passport. Allow 5-6 business days for delivery.

Urgent Australian Passport.

For an extra fee, your passport can be ready for mailing or collection in just two business days, after all your documents are received at a processing office.

In some cases it can be the same day, if you are eligible, and you lodge your documents at a passport office, after calling 131 232 to arrange a lodgement appointment.

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