How to Renew an Australian Passport

Renewing an Australian Passport.

There are two basic ways to renew an Australian passport, the normal way, and the faster streamlined way, although both normally involve a visit to a Post office.

Streamlined Australian Passport Renewal.

For streamlined renewal without going online, you’ll have to call us on 131 232 … Read the rest

Does a Permanent Resident of Australia need a Foreign Passport?

Do Australian PR’s need to Renew their Foreign Passports?.

The question seems self explanatory,  as most people assume that they need to have a valid passport while in a foreign country.

But do they?

I am pretty sure that some countries would insist on anyone in their country having a … Read the rest

Travel on Foreign Passport after getting Australian Citizenship

Can you travel on a Foreign Passport after getting Australian citizenship?.

Once you become an Australian Citizen, you are no longer the holder of an Australian Permanent Visa.
This means that you cannot normally return to Australia unless you hold an Australian passport.  You can of course, leave Australia on … Read the rest

Passport and Visa Costs in Budget 2016-2017 Australia

Passport Cost Changes in the Australia 2016-17 Budget.

From 1 January 2017, their will be a $20 increase in the cost of a new passport will increase by $20 for adults and $10 for children and seniors.

Priority processing fees will increase by $54.

The government expects these measures to … Read the rest