How to keep the kids entertained on a long road journey

There is some great driving to be done in Australia. Each time the road beckons, the urge to take off on a road trip takes over our senses! While we were young, many of us would have given in to the urge and set out on long trips across the country. But as we grow older and kids come into our lives, the trips become less frequent.

Let’s face it, children can be a nightmare in the back seat, causing all sorts of distraction to your driving, it is a wonder car insurance premiums don’t rise with your first born. With the right prior planning, even the most energetic offspring can be subdued on a long car journey. Here are a few simple and time-tested ways to keep your kids entertained so that you can concentrate on your safe driving:

  • Get your kids involved ?? give them maps, and ask them to navigate your trip. If your car has GPS devices inbuilt, make it a competition ?? will they identify the next turn first using a map, or will the GPS?
  • If you have little kids, leave very early in the morning. After the initial excitement wears off in an hour or so, they’ll fall asleep, and one part of your journey will be done by the time they wake up.
  • Carry board games along. We hardly have time to play those games ?? thanks to the ubiquitous PCs and Gaming Devices ?? and road trips give us the needed time to complete large games like Monopoly.
  • Keep your kids well fed, but not on sodas! Have low calorie tasty snacks around, and let them have sips of water. Kids get hyper when they are hungry and also when they are gorged on high calorie snacks and drinks!
    These tips should make your trip much more comfortable, and you can start looking forward to hitting the road once more!
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