How to Open a Bank Account in Australia

Requirements for Opening a Bank Account in Australia..

The general requirement to open a bank account is the need to provide 100 points of Identification.

Examples of Identification and applicable points for Bank Accounts:.

Birth certificate ?? 70 points
Citizenship certificate ?? 70 points
International travel document (e.g. passport) ?? 70 points
Driver’s licence ?? 70 points
Medicare card ?? 30 points

Examples from some of the Australian Banks

National Australia Bank – Opening an Account:

If you’re new to NAB you’ll have to see us in a branch (after we’ve opened your account) with 100 points of identification. This is a legal requirement. If you’re an individual opening an account and are a U.S. citizen or tax resident, you’ll be asked at the branch to provide your Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number.

Westpac – Opening an Account:

Your certifier or offshore Westpac representative will need to see the following documents:

your passport, birth certificate or national identity card*
a document that displays your residential address, such as a drivers’ license or utility bill
the Certified Copy Certificate (PDF 525Kb). This Certificate must be completed in the presence of your certifier or Westpac representative

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