Incoming Flight Caps August 2021.

Incoming Flight Caps until 31st August 2021.

There are temporary caps on the numbers of passengers coming into Australian airports from overseas.

Returning Australians will continue to be prioritised for places in quarantine.

Each State has determined how many overseas arrivals it can accommodate in their Hotel Quarantine locations, and corresponding limits have been set for incoming flight arrivals into those states.

New South Wales is accepting 1,505 per week, but no more than 215 per day.

Queensland is accepting 650 per week.

Victoria is accepting 500 per week.

Western Australia is accepting 265 per week.

South Australia is accepting 265 per week.

Tasmania is not accepting any arrivals.

Australian Capital Territory is not accepting any arrivals.

Northern Territory is not accepting any commercial arrivals, but is accommodating the return of Australians on Government facilitated commercial services. (Repatriation Flights).  These arrivals are quarantined at the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility.

Repatriation flights are arranged to repatriate Australians that are trying to return home.

Many of these Australians, and Permanent Residents, have been unable to return home due to the limitation on flights available.



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