Indian Police Clearance Checks may take 3 months

Most Australian Visa Applications require a verified Police Clearance from the Applicant’s home country.

Many of these are provided relatively quickly, and if not submitted with the original application, can be obtained within the 28 days that are given when they are requested at a later stage. This request is commonly referred to as an RFI, Request for Further Information.

This post is specific to Police Clearance Checks for applicants from India, where long delays may happen.

The 28 days given, as in this example, does not mean the document MUST be supplied within 28 days, but it means that the applicant MUST reply within 28 days to show proof that they have applied for the PCC.

India PCC 28 days

This statement, stating that it can take 2 to 3 months to get a PCC might help to explain the issue.
India PCC

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How to Apply for Indian PCC for Visa Purposes

This is a screenshot from

Indian PCC for Australia visa

This is to inform that as per new rules Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) can be issued only after getting Police Verification Report from India. This will take time up to 2-3 months.

Consulate General of India, Melbourne 6 August 2020.

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