The Richest 10% emit 52% of world Carbon Emissions

The richest people of the world account for more carbon emissions than anyone else.

New research by Oxfam and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has revealed that the richest 10% of the world’s population (about 630 million people) were responsible for 52% of the cumulative carbon emission.

The richest 5% (about 315 million people) were responsible for 37% of the total growth in emissions.

The richest 1% (about 63 million people) alone were responsible for
15% of cumulative emissions.

The average person however appears to cause an average amount of emissions.

The report stated that 40% of humanity in the global middle class (about 2.5 billion people) accounted for 41% of the cumulative emissions.

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Where are these Rich people?

According to the report, they seem to be located in North America, China and India.

Around half the emissions of the richest 10% (24.5% of global emissions) are today associated with the consumption of citizens of North America and the EU, and around a fifth (9.2% of global emissions) with citizens of China and India.

Source OXFAM Confronting Carbon Inequality PDF

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