Is the 820 visa a Permanent Visa Application

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Is the subclass 820 Partner visa a Permanent Visa Application?

Most answers to that question would be that the subclass 820 is a Temporary visa application.

However, that would not be quite right.

When you submit this application you are actually applying for a Permanent visa.

Normally a successful applicant will receive a temporary visa first (the 820), followed by a wait before the permanent visa (the 801) is granted. However, some applicants do get the permanent visa at the same time as the initial temporary visa. This confirms that their original single application gave them the permanent visa (the 801).

The medical for the Partner visa is also confirmation that it is a Permanent visa application, as the paperwork specifies that the medical being requested is for the subclass 801 permanent visa. It does not mention the temporary 820 visa.

The application fee, that is paid when you submit your partner visa application, covers the 801 permanent visa that you have applied for in the combined 820/801 application.

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The combined 820/801 application is an application for a Permanent Partner Visa.

Most people just happen to get a temporary visa issued while waiting for the permanent visa that they applied for.

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  2. Good day. A couple of days ago I received a General purpose advice letter (reminding about police check and medical check). I have already provided all police checks, the only thing I haven’t yet done is the health assessment. I could not find any information on whether a general purpose advice letter is the same as RFI reminder or just a generic email they send to every single applicant?

    1. That “general purpose advice letter” appears to be something new. I’ve been seen people talk about them in the last few weeks, but nothing before, and we never received one through our four years of visa process.

      However, I would treat it as a request or reminder to submit things not submitted.

      Most applicants get an automatic request after submitting to do the medical and police checks. Maybe this “general purpose advice letter” is just a reminder for that, so that people can finalise their application.
      With some of the 309s being finalised in just 3 or 4 months recently, it seems that those who front loaded, might be getting the better chances of a quick grant.

      Front Loaded Application = At the time of lodgement, all the necessary required documents have been submitted with the application, and the application can be finalised without asking for any further information or documents.

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