Partner Visa Fee from PMV-300

Partner Visa Fee for Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) holders.

The application fee for the subclass 820/801 partner visa is currently $7,715.

However, this application fee, for a subclass 300 visa holder is much smaller.

Having already paid $7,715 for their 9 month temporary visa, the subclass 300 holder will pay a reduced fee for their permanent partner visa application.

The normal fee for the subclass 820/801 application, for subclass 300 holders, is only $1,285.

Some people, who were granted a subclass 300 PMV but didn’t apply for the subclass 820 and 801 visas before that visa expired, will have to pay a slightly higher fee of $1,630 for their subclass 820/801 application.

These costs were still current at February 2021, when this page was created.

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