Jobseeker Confusion.

Some people are confused with the Jobseeker payments,  and how much they will be getting.

Recent News reports stated that the $550 coronavirus supplement will reduce at the end of December.

550 Jobseeker ends December

The Federal government however has stated that the $550 payment ends in September….

550 Jobseeker ends September

The opposition leader has stated that the Government is good at messages but not delivery..

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The Prime Minister originally planned for the extra $550 Jobseeker to end in September, but then replaced that with a $250 payment that will end in December.  There are no plans to extend after 2020.

The images above are screenshots from National Media articles,  some designed to confuse us??

For those confused..

The $550 ends in September, and is replaced with just $250.

The $250 ends in December.

These payments, the Coronavirus supplement, often mentioned as being for Jobseeker,  are also paid for other benefit recipients.  It is not ONLY for Jobseeker.

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