Julia Gillard is replaced by the man that she replaced 3 years ago

Three years and three days after Julia Gillard knifed Kevin Rudd in the back, and it all goes around again.

Julia Gillard who called the snap leadership vote, stated the conditions of the vote:

  • Whoever loses, retires fully from politics.

Julia Gillard is now retiring from Politics.

With the vote result being:

  • 57 Kevin Rudd
  • 45 Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia from 24 June 2010 to 27 June 2013, (1,0199 days) is now out of Politics and Kevin Rudd, the ex-Prime Minister of Australia is back into his old position.

However, the Australian Governor-General is seeking legal advice before confirming Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister for the second time.

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Constitutional law expert Professor Anne Twomey said that due to this being an unprecedented situation, there was even a potential for Tony Abbott to be installed as Prime Minister by the Governor General if key support is not available for Kevin Rudd.

Key supporters of Julia Gillard have already stepped down, as they may not be on Kevin Rudds preferred list after deposing him in 2010. These key supporters are:

  • Treasurer: Wayne Swan
  • Communications Minister: Stephen Conroy
  • Climate Change Minister: Greg Combet
  • Trade Minister: Craig Emerson
  • Agriculture Minister: Joe Ludwig

Ministers that are quitting the front bench include:

  • Schools Minister: Peter Garrett

Indications are that more will follow, including:

  • Immigration Minister: Brendan O’Connor
  • Sports Minister: Kate Lundy

Kevin Rudd has stated that he hopes to lessen the size of the defeat that Labor faces in the coming election.


Julia Gillard was the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia between 3rd December 2007 and 24th June 2010.

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