Julia Gillard – Moving Forward

The 2010 Election slogan appears to be “Moving Forward

It definitely appears that Julia Gillard would rather people look forward at what she might do, rather than backwards at what she has done or tried to do, etc., etc.

Julia Gillard

So, what has Julia Gillard done in the past ?

This is an interesting question, how much of the Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard government policies were actually down to, and or supported by Julia Gillard ?

How many of the stuff ups and reversals were her responsibility ? I know this is doing what she would prefer we don’t, but me must look Backwards to see what the future may consist of.

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As second in charge during the last 30 months of ALP rule, was she involved in those decisions or just a sidelined expensive feature ?

I have no answers myself, but these are some of the questions that everyone should ask themselves, and look into it themselves, before making a voting decision.

There appears to be three ways to vote in this election, three ways that are being talked about constantly, and to be honest, it is a worry that two of those options are even considered.

  1. Vote Julia Gillard and make history. She is Female, and would be the first female Prime Minister of Australia.
  2. Vote for the PARTY that can do the job.
  3. Vote for the PERSON who gives us the best spin.

If you don’t understand my logic, and the ONLY sensible choice from those three, then I hope you are in a very small minority.

Kevin Rudd was voted in at the last election, based on the Kevin 07 spin.
It became abundantly clear, just a few weeks ago, that a large proportion of the public felt that they had voted Kevin Rudd to lead the country, and NOT the ALP.
They were wrong, and when the Party decided that Kevin Rudd was not for them, the Party removed him.

Julia Gillards achievements:

  • School Uniforms to be tax deductible. But with no extra money set aside for it.
  • Sorting out the Mining Tax debacle, that she was (how much) involved in creating.
  • Restoring her own version of the Pacific Solution, the policy of transporting asylum seekers to holding centres on independant islands, a policy that she was totally opposed to in Opposition.

This is an ongoing article, more will be added, as I consider things, but if you have a logical opinion please add it below.


Federal Election 2010

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