Medicare Levy

Australian Medicare Levy.

The Medicare Levy is a charge levied on almost all Australian taxpayers to help fund the Australian Medicare system.

The charge is currently 2.0% of taxable income, having risen from previous rates of 1% or 1.5%

There are exemptions to this rebate based on low incomes etc.

2016-17 Medicare Levy Thresholds.

If your taxable income is equal to or less than; $21,655 you do not have to pay the Medicare levy.
If you are a senior or pensioner, then that threshold becomes $34,244.

If your taxable income is between $21,655 and $27,068 ($34,244 and $42,805 for seniors and pensioners) then you may be entitled to a Medicare Levy Reduction.
Your Medicare Levy will be calculated at 10% of the difference between your taxable Income and the lower limit (eg: $21,655 or $34,244).

Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption

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