Mobile Phone Plans – KISS

Cheap Mobile Calls: KISS 15

The Important Stuff.

  • Standard Call Rate $0.15 per 30 secs, NO connection fee
  • KISS to KISS Calls first 5 minutes FREE, then reverts to Standard Call Rate (subject to Fair Use Policy)
  • SMS/TXT (local & intl) $0.14
  • Voicemail Deposit FREE
  • Voicemail Retrieval same as Standard Call Rate
  • Intl: USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, HK, China, NZ, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Malaysia, Sth Korea, Taiwan (higher to mobiles in some countries) $0.15 per 30 secs, $0.20 connection fee
  • 3G/GPRS Data Rate $0.25 per Mb (billed in 20Kb increments)
  • Access Fee $0.25 per week (charged once per account no matter how many numbers are on it)
  • SIM Fee $15 per SIM card – must be paid for before SIM card is sent out
  • Credit Expiry NEVER

The Less Important Stuff.

  • Special Calls (e.g. calls to 13, 18, paging service, diversion calls) $0.30 per 30 secs, $0.30 connection fee
  • Calls to Vodafone 123 ‘Ask us anything’ $1.00 per 30 secs, $1.00 connection fee
  • CALLscreen $1.00
  • Directory Assistance (1223) $2.00 per call
  • Intl: Sth Africa, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Monaco, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Venezuala (higher to mobiles in some countries) $0.25 per 30 secs, $0.20 connection fee
  • SIM Replacement Fee $15.00

Recharge is facilitated through the web site. You can either use a credit card, PayPal, BPay or go to any Australia Post branch. We do not sell recharge cards at petrol stations and convenience stores.

Recharge with any value.

Calls are carried on the Vodafone network

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