More Checks on New Migrants before Visa Approvals

New Migrants to Australia Might Face More Visa Checks.

Michael Pezzullo, the Home Affairs secretary, has said that the government is looking at how to make more assessments of new migrants using all sources of information and intelligence available these days.

It has been stated that this has not been tabled in parliament, and is therefore not official.

A statement from the SBS was:

Mr Pezzullo said the assessments would use a range of “data sources” to check whether would-be migrants were likely to “conform with and live by Australian values” by analysing their “lived behaviour”.

This is likely to include looking at peoples Facebook pages etc., which actually already happens, and has caused some visa applications to be refused in the past.

Applicants from some countries already face interviews in their home countries with Family members and Neighbours sometimes being interviewed. Again this is nothing new.

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The Australian government presumably wants to try to prioritise those migrants that will settle best in Australia, and will be good for the country. Australia has a limit of about 190,000 permanent migrants every year, and has to reject, or delay, excess applications. Better pre-visa checking could assist in getting the better applicants for Australia.

Labor senator Doug Cameron has accused the government of whatever dog whistle it can against potential migrants to this country.


Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific meaning for a targeted subgroup.

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