More Overseas Arrivals Allowed to enter Australia

2,200 more overseas arrivals per week.

Australia has increased the number of overseas arrivals being allowed to enter Australia to 6,300 per week, from the current 4,100 per week.

This will take effect from the 15th February 2021.

The National Cabinet has said that getting Australians back home is a top priority.

This increase in quarantine places, and subsequent extra airline seats, will help thousands of those Australians who are still trying to return home.

On 15 Feb 2021, the numbers of people allowed to enter each Australian state, each week, are:

NSW 3,010 up from 1,505
VIC 1,310 up from 1,120
Qld 1,000 up from 500
SA 530 up from 490
WA 512 no change yet
Total 6,362 up from 4,127

The Howard Springs quarantine facility near Darwin will also have its capacity increased.

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