New AU Logo

Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council had created a new logo for Australia, which has been approved by Trade Minister Simon Birmingham to represent Australia overseas.

It is an abstract depiction of the wattle, Australia’s national floral emblem.

AU Wattle Logo

This new logo will directly replace the Australia Unlimited logo. The logo is primarily used to represent the country during trade missions and business exchange programs.

The Australia Unlimited logo features two boomerangs which form the basic shape of Australia.
Australia Unlimited Logo

This new logo does NOT replace the green and gold kangaroo logo that represents Made in Australia products.

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This green and gold kangaroo logo will still be used to highlight locally made products.
Australian Made Logo

The bottom line is that the new Australia Unlimited logo does NOT replace the ‘Made in Australia’ logo. The new ‘Australia Unlimited’ logo replaces the old Australia Unlimited logo.

Some news articles are stating that the new Wattle logo will replace the Kangaroo logo.  Apparently this is incorrect.

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