Overseas Driver Licence 6 Month Limit in Victoria

New Rules for Overseas Driver Licence Holders from October 2019.

An Overseas Driver Licence holder is only allowed to drive in the state of Victoria, Australia for up to 6 Months, on their foreign licence, irrespective of Visa held.

During that 6 months, they must prepare to obtain an Australian driver licence, if they plan to stay for over 6 months.

After the 6 months period is finished, their overseas licence is no longer valid for driving in Australia.

Unless they hold an Australian Driver Licence from that date, they would be considered as driving without a licence, if they are driving.

This applies to ALL visa holders, Permanent or Temporary, and includes student visa and long term tourist visa holders.

This also applies to any Australian driver licence holder from any other State. If moving to Victoria, they must obtain a Victoria Driver Licence within that 6 months. (This is a similar rule in all other States)

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When using your overseas licence to drive in Victoria, all the road rules and laws apply to you. It’s also important to keep in mind that:

  • Your overseas licence needs to be current and valid
  • If your overseas licence is in a language other than English, you also need to carry an English translation or international driving permit whenever you drive
  • You can use your overseas licence for your first six months of living in Victoria (after that, you need to get a Victorian licence instead).
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