Petrol Prices 29 July 2022

Petrol Prices Today.

Petrol Prices (E10) on 29 July 2022 around the Brisbane area.

A quick check on petrol prices today, showed the following in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba triangle.

Kingston: 165.9 or 161.9 with 4c discount.

Carina: 167.9 or 163.9 with 4c discount.

MacGregor: 167.5 or 163.5 with 4c discount.

Northgate: 165.9 or 161.9 with 4c discount.

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Southport: 162.9 or 158.9 with 4c discount.

Ipswich: 169.7 or 165.7 with 4c discount.

Toowoomba: 167.5 or 163.5 with 4c discount.

4c discounts apply to RACQ members, and some supermarket customers. (Woolworths and Coles give a 4c discount voucher on spending of $30 or more.)

If petrol prices are concerning you, it is important to shop around, and not buy at the last minute at higher prices.

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