Petrol Prices in Australia May-June 2022

Petrol Prices in SE Queensland May 2022 to June 2022.

Petrol prices have been rising recently, quite substantially compared to previous years.

My 2022 average cost for E10 Petrol (January to May) has been:

  • an average of $1.67 per litre. (25% rise from 2021)

It is 29% higher than the … Read the rest

Australian Petrol Prices August 2017

Australian Petrol Prices.

High and Low Petrol Prices during week ended 20/8/17 in the Australian Capital Cities

Fuel Cost/Litre (Cents/Litre):

Adelaide Unleaded Petrol Prices.

110.5 Lowest Price (on 29th December 2009 this was 111.9)
112.9 Highest Price per litre

Brisbane Unleaded Petrol Prices.

111.9 Lowest Price (on 29th December 2009 … Read the rest