Ping Pong Pom or Boomerang Pom

What is a Ping Pong Pom, or a Boomerang Pom ?

That is a common term given to British people (Poms) who have migrated, mainly to Australia, then returned home to the UK, normally disillusioned with Australia, but who then turn back around again, and go back to Australia for another try.

Many of these people do then settle, but some make the return trip to the UK again, and some do actually, yet again, return back to Australia, for a third try.

It is worth reading the experiences of these ping-ponging Poms, of which I am one myself, so I do understand many points about it.

My own reasoning is based on my attitude to Australia, when I first arrived.

Australia wasn’t what I was used to, it didn’t do many things the way I felt was normal, or right. I am embarrassed to say it now, but it just wasn’t England !

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Only when I was able to reject that way of thinking, and stop the daily comparisons, did I stand any chance of settling.

Unfortunately, it did take an extended trip back to the UK to allow time for that to occur, but in the end it did, and now I am happy here.

Some things do still niggle at times, but they are Australian things, and I am in Australia, therefore they are easier to live with, now that I accept that I am becoming Australian.

Feel free to add your story if you have one…

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