PMV Applicant and Travel Ban Exemption

Should a PMV Applicant apply for the Travel Ban Exemption?.

Some PMV’s do get granted, but normally after a Travel Ban Exemption request.

Some people have been saying that a PMV applicant can’t apply for that exemption, but they can, and they do, and some get granted.

This page shows a few examples:  Subclass 300 Visas Granted in 2020

Of the six there, at least 5 mentioned that they applied for the Travel Exemption before the PMV was granted.

The time frames now mean nothing.

The last time frames show: 26-30 ie: 75% took up to 26 months. 15% took between 26 and 30 months and 10% took over 30 months.

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But out of the 188 that were processed in one quarter, only 8 grants were given, the rest were refused or withdrawn after a long period. Those that were granted might have only taken 12 months ( the average for those in the link), but the refusals took much longer, and made the figures look bad.

The problem is that there are probably many in the pipeline waiting to be granted as soon as travel is possible again.

An even worse problem is for those that have been granted, but the applicant cannot travel. They will get a refund once their visa expires, and they start again…

It may be best to apply for a travel exemption, then push for the PMV to be granted based on that approval, if received.  Some people get a travel exemption after a number of request attempts.

Travellers who have a compassionate and compelling reason to travel to Australia can use this form to request an exemption.

Subclass 300 Visa Finalisations in 2020

Subclass 300 Finalised Granted % Granted Refused or Withdrawn
Jan 2020 301 173 57.48% 128
Feb 2020 336 241 71.73% 95
Mar 2020 261 177 67.82% 84
Apr 2020 28 0 0.00% 28
May 2020 48 3 6.25% 45
Jun 2020 112 5 4.46% 107
Jul 2020 under 5 -%
Aug 2020 7 -%
Sep 2020 13 -%

It is easier to finalise an application with a refusal, than grant one knowing they can’t travel anyway.

At a guess there could be about 400 subclass 300 applications, almost approved and just waiting for Travel Restriction be removed, so they can be finalised.

It is a pity that Immigration are not more open about what is happening with visa applications at this time.


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