PMV Applicant and Travel Ban Exemption

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Should a PMV Applicant apply for the Travel Ban Exemption?.

Some PMV’s do get granted, but normally after a Travel Ban Exemption request.

Some people have been saying that a PMV applicant can’t apply for that exemption, but they can, and they do, and some get granted.

This page shows a few examples:  Subclass 300 Visas Granted in 2020

Of the six there, at least 5 mentioned that they applied for the Travel Exemption before the PMV was granted.

The time frames now mean nothing.

The last time frames show: 26-30 ie: 75% took up to 26 months. 15% took between 26 and 30 months and 10% took over 30 months.

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But out of the 188 that were processed in one quarter, only 8 grants were given, the rest were refused or withdrawn after a long period. Those that were granted might have only taken 12 months ( the average for those in the link), but the refusals took much longer, and made the figures look bad.

The problem is that there are probably many in the pipeline waiting to be granted as soon as travel is possible again.

An even worse problem is for those that have been granted, but the applicant cannot travel. They will get a refund once their visa expires, and they start again…

It may be best to apply for a travel exemption, then push for the PMV to be granted based on that approval, if received.  Some people get a travel exemption after a number of request attempts.

Travellers who have a compassionate and compelling reason to travel to Australia can use this form to request an exemption.

Subclass 300 Visa Finalisations in 2020

Subclass 300 Finalised Granted % Granted Refused or Withdrawn
Jan 2020 301 173 57.48% 128
Feb 2020 336 241 71.73% 95
Mar 2020 261 177 67.82% 84
Apr 2020 28 0 0.00% 28
May 2020 48 3 6.25% 45
Jun 2020 112 5 4.46% 107
Jul 2020 under 5 -%
Aug 2020 7 -%
Sep 2020 13 -%

It is easier to finalise an application with a refusal, than grant one knowing they can’t travel anyway.

At a guess there could be about 400 subclass 300 applications, almost approved and just waiting for Travel Restriction be removed, so they can be finalised.

It is a pity that Immigration are not more open about what is happening with visa applications at this time.


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  2. There have been a few subclass 300 visa applicants and holders that have been able to get a Travel ban Exemption.

    Some say that it must be applied for under the “Compassionate and compelling reasons” category, and that it can’t be done under the “immediate family member” category, for a subclass 300 visa..

    Yet some do get it granted under that “immediate family member” category.
    One example is at:

  3. Current wording on this subject, at the Immigration Dept website is:

    If you hold a Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa, please be aware that you need to request an exemption from Australia’s travel restrictions and this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    An intention to marry is not sufficient evidence to demonstrate that you are an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

    You can provide proof of your relationship, or evidence that you meet any other individual exemption category, by applying online …

    1. Hi, I have been requesting an exemption to enter Australia and I hold subclass 300 visa already (until june 2022). This is the reply from the agent, I needed to submit:

      • Evidence that you have a genuine and continuing relationship, including documents that verify the length of your relationship
      • Evidence you have a mutual commitment with your de facto partner to the exclusion of all others, such as combined personal matters
      • Evidence you live together, or don’t live apart permanently
      • Evidence of shared finances
      • Evidence of the nature of your shared household, such as documents that prove your living arrangements or household bills in both names
      • Evidence that others know about your relationship, such as proof you have friends in common and/or proof you have told government, public or commercial bodies about your relationship

      based on the above, what are the exact documents needed?
      We have been in a long distance relationship, hence we don’t live together, we can’t fulfill point 3.
      Point 6, we have submitted NOIM and 4 statements from friends, including from a witness who led our traditional engagement (photo included).
      We have submitted a series of pictures since 2017-2020, does it categorize as fulfilling no 1?

      I was refused as an immediate family member, does change it to compassionate and compelling reasons help?
      If there’s someone who shared their experience here in the website, can you lead me there?
      Thank you

      1. I am aware of one that got it under compassionate and compelling reasons, but they had a doctors statement detailing mental anguish caused by separation. They had spent time together at one stage.

        Immigration have specified that time spent in a long distance relationship does not normally count for a partner visa. That same rule would presumably apply to an exemption for a 300 visa.

        For compassionate and compelling reasons, you must find very specific reasons that would not be normal reasons for most other applications.

        1. Thanks for the reply. I have another question, there has been hundreds of PMV issued since last year, what happened to those granted since last year? some must have been expired if they can’t get an exemption

          1. Some would have applied for a refund.

            If a Prospective Marriage visa ceased between 20 March 2020 and 5 October 2020 the payer of the VAC may be eligible for a VAC refund


            51 Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa holders, between 17 March 2020 and 27 September 2020, had their visas expire without being able to travel to Australia. They should have been eligible for a refund.

            I am not sure that many 300s were actually granted, after March 2020. I feel that many were being held back to avoid that issue.

            As an example:

            In the first two months of 2020, 414 were granted.
            In the first two months of 2021, only 34 were granted.

            1. Mine was granted late April after 10 months of application. It’s valid until June 2022, so I will apply again in a couple months when flights are available again.
              Is it possible to demand for the visa to be changed to partner visa due to covid? Also where can I check the refund information in the government website?
              We’re looking into the possibility to get married in another country if it’s too difficult to get into Australia with PMV.

                1. I just realised, your 300 visa is already granted. The switch to a 309 is only for those who have NOT been granted yet.

                  1. Exactly, that’s why I’m quite in a difficult position. Restarting the application for partner visa (if we got married within 2021-2022) will take a year of our time together and we’ve been separated due to covid for a year and a half and frankly, being separated for more than two years is unhealthy for anyone.
                    And based on the article above, my visa is not within the refund category yet as well. At the same time, the Australian government keeps on tightening their exemption restriction to the point it chokes its own citizens…
                    I guess there’s a chance in earning an exemption since the separation is affecting our health and work performance for a while now

                    1. I have seen some people say they got an exemption based on emotional health reasons.

                      If you can get a letter from a doctor, explaining your emotional health that might also help. Some migration agents might have good track records for exemptions now. It could be worth considering that option for the exemption..

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