Jobseeker / Coronavirus Supplement in 2021

The Coronavirus Supplement might continue after December.

The Prime Minister has now stated that coronavirus recipients should expect some part of the supplement to continue into 2021.

On Tuesday 27 October, the Prime Minister said that he expect the new JobSeeker rate will be lower than what it is right now, but it should be higher than the old Newstart rate.

The supplement began on 27 April 2020 at $550 a fortnight, for a period of 6 months, until 25 September.

In September the government extended the payment period, but at a reduced rate of $250 a fortnight. This was scheduled to end on 31 December.

By the middle of December we will find out if it is to be extended again, and if so, at what rate.

Mr Morrison said a decision on the COVID supplement after December would be made before 17 December.

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